BODYfit Training Group Classes

What are BODYfit Training Group Classes?

BodyFit Training Groups are training sessions for 3-5 people that are specifically designed to provide amazing fitness results in a small group setting.  You will receive the personal attention and instruction in your group from your professional Trainer that you would get in a one on one session and your Trainer will be aware of your personal goals and focus.  Find the motivation you need to get an effective, full-body workout in only 45 minutes? BodyFit is more than fitness, it is a Wellness and lifestyle plan that combines the best of functional strength and core training, dumbbells, kettle bells TRX Suspension Training, ropes, sandbags and more!

Why Clients Love It:

  • • Individual attention and instruction—safe and effective workout for all levels of fitness
  • • Full body metabolic interval training
  • • Blast calories for maximum fat loss
  • • Focused, challenging and motivational classes
  • • 450-700 calories burned per class
  • • Choose from a variety of classes
  • • Movement Assessment and Injury Prevention
  • • Nutritional Guidance available
  • • Membership is NOT necessary to take part in any of our training programs
  • • Very cost effective and budget-friendly

What Types of BODYfit Training Groups are There?

Total Body Training

Total Body Training is a metabolic calorie burning workout for the full body that combines strength, core, cardio, sports drills and metabolic movement.

Weight Loss & Strength

Come to our Weight Loss and Strength class and find a perfect mix of Cardio, core, strength and overall calorie burning to increase your lean and burn body fat.

Stretch & Recovery

Tone, Stretch and Core is a class created to help refresh those tired sore muscles and joints.  You move while focusing on strengthening target areas, stretching and isolating your core.

Glutes & Legs

Our Glutes and Legs classes will isolate your lower body and will increase your metabolism.  The focus is on quads, glutes, hips, thighs with great movements to work, tone and reduce body fat to give you great results!

Men’s Group

Our Men’s Group is a full body workout that is specifically tailored for men and their fitness goals.  Strength, core, calorie burning and flexibility is the focus plus you will enjoy the fun of being in a group.

Ladies Only

Ladies Only is a class that provides an energizing, comfortable, safe and motivating environment for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.  You will get a full body workout in a fun and friendly class!

Forever Young

All ages and fitness levels are welcome in our Forever Young class that is energizing, fun, balanced and motivational!

Health & Wellness

Our Health and Wellness classes are full body Family fitness classes.  Bring your whole family and get in shape and enjoy being active together!

Specialized Sport Workout

Game ON!!  From student, to college to Pro this dynamic program is tailor made for all ages and skill sets.  Whether its basketball, football, volleyball, golf, baseball, lacrosse, etc, we got you covered!